Strobel & McNeese Design

Office Chair
Pen Holder
Office Chair - Created with AutoCAD's 3D triangular faces. Rendered in 3D Studio.
Pen holder - Created in MasterCAM. Rendered in 3D Studio. Looks better than the one that was milled on a CNC machine.

Ferrari 01 . . . . Ferrari 02
Head Vase
Ferrari Testarossa - Drawn with AutoCAD's AutoSurf, AME, and traditional 3D modeling techniques. Maps created in CorelDRAW! 5.0. Rendered in 3D Studio.
Head Vase - Notice the artistic value of this vase. Head was originally a flat clip art image from CorelDRAW!.

MS Mouse
Ovava Bottle - Small bottle designed for a fictitious perfume. Created and rendered in 3D Studio.
MS Mouse - Geometry created as an AutoCAD solid. Maps generated with CorelDRAW!. Rendered in 3D Studio.

Calculator 10 . . . . Calculator 11
Arbor Press
Calculator - Maps created in CorelDRAW! and Corel PHOTO-PAINT 5.0. Geometry Created in AutoCAD.
Arbor Press - Solid model created from orthographic drawings. Render done with AutoVision.

Kitchen 2 . . . . Kitchen Sink
CWM Logo
Small Kitchen - This is the simple kitchen that is in our simple apartment. Modeling done with AutoCAD solids.
CHAD Logo - Text created in CorelDRAW 5.0. Extruded in AutoCAD R13. Rendered in 3D Studio 4.0.

Legos 16 . . . . Legos 26
Drafting Room
Lego set 6604 - Legos are where we both got started in designing, so this is a tribute to them. All geometry created with AutoCAD solids and AutoSurf meshes.
Drafting Room- The chair was the starting point, but we add all of the other objects for more a realistic appearance.

Camaro Front . . . . Camaro Back
X-Wing Fighter
Camaro Z28 - A 100+ hour model. Car created using AutoSurf, rendered and animated in 3D Studio 4.0.
X-Wing Fighter - Model found on the internet. Created background from a plasma fractal. Added laser beams, created in 3D Studio, for realism.

Geometry Vase
Screw Driver
Geometry Vase - Original vase given to my as payment for work on a computer. Maps originally drawn in AutoCAD and redrawn in CorelDRAW!. Vase drawn with AutoCAD solids.
Screw Driver - This was used to fix the computers in the lab we used to manage.

Chain Lube Bottle
CAD/CAM Toy Truck
Chain Lube Bottle - Drawn with 3D Studio 4.0 and AutoCAD. The labels were scanned and applied to the model.
CAD/CAM Toy Truck - Tool paths programmed using Mastercam based on an AutoCAD wireframe and surface model.

CWM Logo / Bike
CWM Logo / Bike - Animation for two of McNeese Designs personal logos. The bike follows the path around the "M" logos then repeats.
Kitchen - Chad's mom's new kitchen, all objects drawn with AutoSurf. Rendered with 3D Studio 4.0.

Adj. Stem Assembly
Adj. Stem Exploded
Adjustable Stem Assembly - Chads design for a fully adjustable bike stem. This render created with POV-Ray.
Adjustable Stem Exploded - Stem allows rider to put the handlebars in many positions for varied types of riding.

Square 1 puzzle
Torus - Helix
Square 1 puzzle - A gift from my Chris's brother. Geometry created with AutoCAD solids, map scanned and redone in CorelDRAW!.
The Torus - Helix was created in AutoCAD as blocks with attributes. A simple C++ program was written to convert the exported data from AutoCAD to Pov-RAY objects. The scene was then set up as blob objects in POV-Ray.

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